Here’s what I found on about the church beliefs

The Assemblies of God is committed to fulfilling a four-fold mission. Our primary reason for being is to:
1. Evangelize the lost.
2. Worship God.
3. Disciple believers.
4. Show compassion.

Heidi awoke from dream this AM around 4. She mentioned to me she wanted to visit the mega church on the east side of Bako. I said, sure thing honey, I’ll do anything for you! ūüôā

Went to the 11:00am service with Heidi. Newer buildings. Inside the main building is large meeting area equipped with newer media equipment ( audio, visual) and a large stage with many music instruments. There is a newer pulpit and a great many pews. I would estimate the place can handle at least 1000 people. It is clean, sterile smelling, and climate controlled. The people are well dressed, friendly, seemly happy. Parking lot filled with newer cars. This place is obviously well funded. The brochure said collections exceeded $67k so far in August. No mention of expenses. Oh yes, there are golf carts running around outside, I think to help ferry people around as needed, pretty slick!

This is a popular place. I  would estimate more than 700 attended and this was the second service of the day.

Lots of modern gospel music to start off the service. Nice equipment, quality music, and vocals. This is a Jesus centered church. It follows the Catholic/Protestant doctrines. God/Christ is only a Byline.  The people are wanting for Jesus to return from the dead. In the mean time the world, and everyone in it,  is screwed. 

The sermon sounded like something I would here on a news show.  They had a politician from Texas preaching founding father bullshit Рhaving an elitist view on what happened in 1776.  Arrogant (USA is the Best! and all other countries are inferior) and Naive (the facts are the US was not founded on the idea of freedom for all as he would have everyone believe). Oddly, the audience was eating up his lies about our history! This guy sounded like a typical politician saying nothing that would not contribute to his re-election to some meaningless post. I found it odd to hear this type of thing in a church. He was very pro-religion Рhis religion. This person is dogma personified. Anyone checking into his main points of his sermon would quickly find his conclusion to be absurd.

BTW, sorry dude but 95% of the people who join the military do so becuase they need work and are wanting to better there lives with after they serve benefits. The other 5% are natural born killers and need a place to practice their trade. The few who actually lead the Military do so to protect the weatlhly, including thier own. The lie of patriotism has long been dispelled and replaced with the reality of the need to protect the weathlies property. Get real!!! Wake up!

God help those whom do not believe the same way as this guy. We, including himself, are all screwed!

This is the worst sermon I have ever heard having nothing to do with increasing our awareness of the divine, nor being compassionate and tolerant of man. We walked out 10 minutes or so before the “sermon” ended. ¬†

BTW, I had been to this church before and had somewhat different experience with the standing preacher giving the sermon. All I had to do was add Christ to his sermon when he spoke of Jesus and I felt rather uplifted, as of course Jesus would have wanted all to do. Jesus speaks ALL about our relationship with God, never himself, so adding Christ to Jesus was pleasant.   

Heidi, I am not sure this was so dreamy…


Crossroads Church Bakersfield

Posted: November 29, 2008 in Churches

Does this Church believe the world is getting worst? Yes
Does this Church believe in a Unity of Beliefs? No
Does this Church believe war is inevitable? Yes
Does this Church believe the only way to salvation is by a belief in their Deity? Yes
Does this Church believe the world will end soon? Could end today
Is the Church welcoming of non-members? Yes
Is money required for the Churches existence? Yes

The Church is a second stage Christian Church, i.e. Protestant. Sermons are derived from the Bible exclusively. The churches doctrine is from Bible. As always, the Bible is interpreted by the Church teacher. Self study is also emphasized.
Crossroads in located on Fairfax Rd in Bakersfield, CA. The group has occupied the building for about a year. The teacher, Kenny, from a previous Church, brought his followers with him. The place looks like it was built in the 1960s or 70’s. Holds about 500 people. I would say there were about 100 there this night.

I’ve went to Crossroads Church, an independent protestant church, last night for a gathering to offer thanks to god. The evening before Thanksgiving.

I enjoyed myself. I found myself staring at the cross and thinking about all I am grateful for.

People are friendly. Other than Kenny, others I talked to were sharing the troubles in life, asking Jesus for Help.

The Church emphasizes hope for the individual through their Deity, Jesus, and the hopelessness of mankind. Of course this is a paradox.

About Crossroads РI felt their connectedness to god. Members of this Church seek guidance from their teacher, Kenny, about the Bible. What I heard was the need for church members to admit to their daily sin, believe the world is getting worst, and prepare for the second coming of Christ. I missed teachings of Jesus, i.e. the love we need to show each other.

Something was mentioned about the 144,000. In revelations this refers to Jews, so I am not sure what Kenny is referring to. As always, it is a person point of view of words written by others. No matter how much Church leaders talk about The Bible, or other church doctrine, it still is their view of these words.





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Visited 3.9.08, 10:00am. Angeline Damigos, my great companion, joined me.

2001 Truxtun Ave. Bakersfield, CA

Web Site 

Religious Affiliation: Christian Unity

New Comers are Welcome.

Well maintained.

External – White Stucco with Tile Roof. Square in Shape.

Internal – Pews,¬†Alter, and Pulpit.¬† Alter had pictures, carvings of¬†dove in flight.¬†Candles Lit. ¬†Organ/Piano on Alter.¬† Back of Alter was mural of Vines and Waterfall. Biblical quotes on Back Wall. Quote “[God is within you]”. ¬†Carpeted.¬†

Looks to be about 50 years old.  People capacity about 250, about 50 in attendance. Grounds about (1) Acre.

Dress is casual.

Music by single keyboardist.

The guest speaker was Chuck Wall.  Topic was random acts of kindness.  He was easy to hear and understand.  He spoke of simply being kind to people each day. He and his wife, Di, also spoke of living in the now.

The minister was not in attendance.¬† Lots of prayer and meditation time. Read from “Daily Word” (can be found on-line). Spoke of the importance of God and Love in our life’s.¬† Brought Children up front and sang song in celebration. Closed with everyone encircling pews holding hands, singing a song, let “there be peace on earth”.

Tithe Optional.

Child Services Provided.  

Commentary:  It is fairly easy to be kind to people when circumstances are easy. The real challenge is being kind to others (and ourselves!) when circumstances are difficult. I pray we integrate kindness into our daily lives, not just randomly, but automatically, through varied circumstances.

Visited 3.9.08, 11:00am

2515 Church Ave, Bakersfield

Web Site

Religious Affiliation: Christian Baptist

New Comers are Welcome.

Well maintained.

External РBrown Stucco with Asphalt Roof. Square in Shape. Cross on Top. 

Internal РPews, Alter, Pulpit, Stage.  Alter has Cross Carvings. Candles Lite.  Music/Band Instruments on Stage. Carpetted. Music/Video System.

Seems to be 50+ years old. People capacity about 500, about 200 in attendance. Grounds about (1) Acre. Dress is casual. 

The speaker spoke of avoiding gossip, how to be be nice to people by excluding gossip. Spoke of trianglation Рtelling other people about problems you have with somebody versus talking directly with the person you are having problems with.  References to Bible, and living a god centered life, throughout sermon. Minister in attendance, but did not give sermon. Church Band and Singing throughout.   Closed with prayer.

Tithe Optional.

Child Care Services